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Let’s talk about how you can tap into my C.A.N.E.™ method
– Connections, Access, Network, and Expertise –to achieve the
business value you envisioned, faster and with more impact. 


make your Business more Efficient & scalable

As an investor, advisor, and entrepreneur, I know that every business owner is looking for the fastest and most impactful way to accelerate growth and scale their businesses.

No one likes the uncertainty or overwhelm that can come when trying to grow and get to the next level... But you can get results faster when you know what to do now and what to do next.

Whether you need an investor and advisor to help you grow your existing business or you are looking to sell and exit, it starts with building a relationship and taking the first step.  


healthcare SAAS

delivery management SAAS






I’m an investor in mostly technology companies (with some possible exceptions) that are generating revenue. I believe in entrepreneurs who know how to gain traction and how to launch physical and digital products and services.

Use the link above to contact me. If for some reason I’m unable to help you directly, I would be happy to extend introductions to investors in my network with whom I collaborate and partner.


Automated, Precisely Timed Patient Instructions

Mycroft AI

The custom, private, and open voice assistant


The world’s most advanced last mile delivery management platform


Advanced sports wearables with industry leading accuracy and AI based auto-coaching


We make technologies to stop phishing breaches


Concession Marketplace Platform


The official pet medical record

Legion M Entertainment

The first fan-owned entertainment company

Dog Care Industry Roll-up


Mobile Gaming Roll-up


VR/AR Design App

“I believe anyone can transform their idea into a revenue-ready physical product or service that serves a market and sells.”

Sharon Brown

meet sharon brown

INVESTOR | Advisor

.Hi, my name is Sharon Brown, and I’m an investor and entrepreneur. 

I love all things sports and travel related, plus a good laugh every day… AND helping others scale their businesses and exit fuels me. 

I’ve launched over 207 physical products and services as an entrepreneur, including the award-winning Selona luxury skincare consumer goods products… And I’ve invested in some pretty innovative companies as an investor.

Through engaging with countless businesses across a variety of industries… I also have had the good fortune of identifying the key triggers and challenges that businesses struggle with when it comes to scaling and integrating people, processes, and systems. 

With a background in technology and as an integration strategist on tech and non-tech businesses, I’m also a recovering certified SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM), Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and certified business analyst (CBAP). I know what it’s like to have HUGE budgets to create multi-million dollar mission-critical products and services.

Though I was fortunate to have those experiences when I was a “corporate citizen of the world”, I quickly came to realize that THAT was not the experience of 99% of mid-market businesses who sometimes struggle to grow revenue. Also, owners struggle to realize their dreams of what their lives will look like after they sell.

So, I’ve spent over two decades creating proven processes and frameworks that have been essential in helping businesses successfully grow faster, and with more impact… and I eventually started investing in companies to help them do the same.

Because no one likes the uncertainty or overwhelm that can come from trying to grow, or looking for ways to move on and realize life beyond their business.

If you want to discuss potential investor and advisor partnerships, or have an audience and you’re interested in bringing them a new perspective on integration and growth… Let’s talk! 

Podcast Interview on Secret Strategies To Launch

In this interview on Entrepreneurs On Fire with John Lee Dumas, Sharon shares Secret Strategies To Launch The Next Great Physical Product or Service.

Sharon shares insight about getting the money to help you launch a physical product or service and even how to attract investors to help you grow.


Podcast Interview on Acquisitions & Deals

Sharon Brown is an investor, advisor, and integration expert. She’s a fanatic about implementation and loves all things related to sports, travel, food, and fun. As an investor and growth advisor, Sharon primarily focuses on SaaS companies in the areas of meal-planning, nutrition, fitness, healthcare, pets, wearables, AI, IT security, delivery management, and e-learning.


Podcast Interview on Acquisitions & Deals

Sharon Brown has completed 9 deals. Her First acquisition was a SaaS company from Denmark. Buys 100% of company.  Why Creating the prospect funnel is critical to achieving successful acquisition. How, and why, she creates a process and systems to work above the business – 


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