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Every entrepreneur, product developer, service provider, business owner, product manager, project manager, inventor, and coach is looking for the fastest and most impactful way to launch a physical product or service.

No one likes the uncertainty or overwhelm that can come from launching. I can help... watch this video. 

“I believe anyone can transform their idea into a revenue-ready physical product or service.”

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Hi, my name is Sharon Brown, and I’m founder of eLuminate Network and the Product Launch Lab®. 

I love all things sports and travel related, plus a good laugh every day… AND helping others bring new ideas to life fuels me. 

I’ve launched over 187 physical products and services, including the award-winning Selona luxury skincare consumer goods products, as an entrepreneur. And I’ve invested in some pretty innovative companies as an angel investor.

Through interviewing countless entrepreneurs across a variety of industries… I also have had the good fortune of identifying the key triggers and challenges that entrepreneurs struggle with when it comes to launching a physical product or services. 

With a background in technology and as a certified business analyst (CBAP), advisor, and program lead, I know what it’s like to have HUGE budgets to create multi-million dollar products and services.

Though I was fortunate to have those experiences when I was a “corporate citizen of the world”, I quickly came to realize that that was not the experience of 99% of entrepreneurs who had great ideas that they wanted to launch.

So, I’ve spent years creating proven processes and frameworks like the Product Launch Loop™ that have been essential in helping me successfully launch faster, with more impact and without huge budgets…

Because no one likes the uncertainty or overwhelm that can come with launching.

If you have an audience and you’re interested in bringing them a new perspective on launching physical products or services
… Let’s talk! 

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Let’s connect & wow your audience to launch!

Let’s connect & wow your audience to launch!