So many of you are aware or familiar with what I do in eLuminate Network with the programs and resources like the Product Launch Lab, which is designed to help you transform your idea for a physical product, SaaS, or service into a revenue-ready launch.

And that is something that’s core because knowing how to start is so important, or even if you’re knee-deep in a launch, knowing what to do and what to do next is extraordinarily important and how to achieve that scale for any product or service.

Well, one of the things that I don’t talk not about, and I’m going to definitely devote more and more time to share it with you guys here is that I am an investor, and I’ve been an investor for a few years. And more importantly, I’m focused on helping existing businesses get to the next level by really advising them on ways to release, grow, and increase revenue.

And that’s where we are right now in terms of the shift in the economy and the importance of really being able to leverage what we have and knowing what to do in the right steps, in the right order, in order to take it to the next level, that is such an important aspect of being successful with any physical product, any tech product or any service.

And I was just recently connecting with a few other investors in my, in my network and the discussion really focused on helping businesses generate more revenue and really reinvigorating products and services that have stalled or not really realizing success. So really that question becomes why are some businesses not able to get to the next level? And that is about if you have a product,

you have a service, you have something already that you were generating revenue. That means for some of you, maybe you’ve actually gone through the Product Launch Lab and have successfully launched. Some of you, you are, have been an entrepreneur for some time, were in a small business for some time and you have a product out there and you’re realizing that it’s not growing and now more than ever,

it’s so important to be able to pull the right levers, to be able to get to the next level. And so that’s what I really want to hone in on and just share with you the importance of really looking at what it takes to grow faster by just tapping into connections, access, network, and expertise, and doing that with an advisor or an investor as someone that’s able to guide you on that path.

And that’s one of the things that I think that’s been fantastic is because people and all of you as listeners, part of Target Launch, you’re pretty savvy. You’re pretty familiar with the importance of the Product Launch Blueprint that I’ve shared. And that’s really my blueprint that I’ve used to successfully launch physical products, tech products, and services. And I want you to think about that for yourself and finding an investor or an advisor to really tap into their connections,

their access, their network and expertise in order for you to grow faster. You don’t have to shield it alone. And the story that I always think about is when I had early on was that luxury skincare lines loaner that I’ve shared with you, that story before. But one of the things I never really emphasized is when we were getting all that exposure,

I was approached by the largest distributor in Canada to take on the brand. And I thought I could do it on my own. I certainly had so much traction and a lot of eyeballs on what this small company was doing and growing so fast and scaling so fast. But one of the things I gotta tell you, the reason why it was not able to really close that deal is because I did not have the right connections.

I didn’t have the right access or expertise in terms of what it meant to be able to get the best out of that kind of distribution deal. And that is that’s key and knowing what that, that takes. So it’s something to think about in terms of where you are right now. If you have a product, you have an app, you have some sort of technical product,

you have a service, you have a physical product, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter if you are generating revenue right now, or have excluding what’s going on right now in the world. That’s very damaging for a lot of businesses and that’s where a world. So even in spite of that, my point is you always want to look for areas where you can experience growth,

realize growth. And my key takeaway for you is really being able to grow faster by tapping into the network. And that’s some of the things that I’m going to share with you in a moment, even if you want to reach out to me, I’ll be happy to see if there’s something that I can look to do for you, or certainly people within my,

my network investors in my network. Another thing is being able to expand markets and find customers. And that’s one of the things working with an advisor, someone in a capacity that has connections that allows you to look at things in a different way. Are you not currently growing or have you not been realizing growth because of something like that, because you’ve actually not being able to look at ways that you can expand markets and find customers.

So those are some things to think about. And then lastly, being able to uncover untapped savings. So one of the things generating more revenue, and if you’re putting that in a bucket with a big hole in the bottom or the sides, you’re not going to really experience the right kind of scale. You’re not really pulling the right levers. And so being able to work with and partner with someone that can actually look to uncover those untapped,

but untapped areas within your company, within your existing company, where you will see a shift in terms of margins, where you will see a shift in terms of being able to expand opportunity or even other products or services that might well align your business for greater growth. So those are some of the things that I wanted to share with you. And I welcome each of you to certainly connect with me, that’s, feel free to connect as well. And you’ll see that there’s a way with which you can share a little bit about what you’re doing, what you have in, in mind. And we’ll certainly look to we’ll look through those and get back to you. And once again, to my point,

if it’s something specifically, that’s not my wheelhouse, then we’ll certainly look to see if there’s someone in my network who might be able to support you and help you get growing. So those are the key things.

Look at what it’s going to take for you to grow faster, by tapping into the connections, access, and network and expertise of an advisor or an investor advisor slash investor.

I should say, being able to expand markets and find customers, some advisors, some investors already have connections or have a way with where there’s an audience built-in into maybe another business with which they’ve invested. So that’s something to think about. And then once again, being able to uncover the untapped savings and potential to help you move the right levers so that you can grow.

So those are the things I want to leave with. You remember once again, feel free to reach out to me,, and I look forward to learning more about your success my friends, will talk to you soon.

All right, my friends, I want to leave it there, share some comments. Let me know how this resonates with you.

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